Saturday, May 15, 2010

Common Sense and System

Last three days I was wondering around all over Kothrud to find drop box for stand chart credit card deposit . I searched 3 near by drop box locations found on net, but all drop box shops were close. Considering  info might be outdated I searched ATM information about same card. I was very glad to see map of ATM locations given by web site. Since map location was nearby I spent half an hour to find mysterious location exactly shown by map. That location finally ended somewhere in hill occupied by ARDE!! Finally found ATM on Karve Road.

How comfortably we blindly follow System, we just don't use common sense. While I was searching ATM, it is most obvious it won't be in secluded part of town -- hill or residential  area.

Anyway moral of story is using common sense in any situation is far better than blindly following system and later   writing stupidity on blog.

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