Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cash Flow -- Life Line

One of my friend who was average in his school studies, now a days tycoon in his business. I always wondered simple, average, lower middle class guy how he got ambition to build a group of companies and become such a leader. I asked him how do you manage all these thing?

He said it's all about cash flow -- I suffered because of lack of it when I was in school and now I run around just to keep cash flow -- flowing.. ..  how smart.. my middle class mentality never came out of "reserve" for rainy days in future .. God knows which future day we talk when we say it.. We don't even know whether we do have future, considering road accidents, modern health related ailment because of changing life style and food.

In summary if you want to be happy with personal life -- plan cash flow, you will make family happy. It doesn't matter how you are at heart or what you feel for anybody .. what matters is you have very good cash flow tactics for each family member.

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