Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frustation x Mind Control

One of my acquitant always use to do everything in excess... be it eating food, work out, work, study.
Even his emotional swings were extreme, he will be ecstatic about small pleasure or sometimes extreamly annoyed about trivial matters. I always use to ask him what is reason behind all his peak ups and down and he will always blame it to frustation in life. He will always tell, you won't even able to visualize frustation I am going through. I can understand in frustation people getting desparate about things which they didn't or at least keep sulking for over period of time for not getting what they want. In process loosing their appetite for food,activity etc. But how can anybody say that I eat too much because I was frustated!!

I think underneath frustation lies very weak will power. Will power to curb unnecessary body/mind demands. No will to overcome frustation, in fact using frustation as tool to boost our wrong doing to our body, mind or extreme cases to society.

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