Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malik Ambar

Being born to parents from Satara region, where people are extremely proud of their lineage. Until my end of college days, I was also extremely proud of past glory of 96k maratha clan. There is nothing wrong in it since region is paradise considering unique beauty of Sahyadri, major rivers like Koyana, Krishna and almost 200-300 years of glorious history of Maratha empire. More I read about history and being born in good family is just chance (or luck?) I started to accept greatness of  historical people (other than Chatrapathi Shivaji)

One of name I would like to take is Malik Ambar. He was child slave from ethopia (North/East Africa). He got sold 3 times before coming to Deccan. Later in nijamshahi he became a prime minister of Ahmadnagar. A black habashi (people from central ethopia) person becoming prine minister of Deccan region! I just can't imagine valor of this person.

I liked this person for couple of reason
1.  He kept powerful moguls away from Deccan. He was inventor of guerilla warfare in Deccan Region. First time he used farming marathas and trained them guerilla warfare. Shivaji's father (Shahaji) helped him assembling and training marathas. In my opinion this was ground work for Shivaji's guerilla warfare. No wander Shivaji used it effectively since he doesn't have to reinvent it.

2.  He build and architect new city called Khadki (now  Aurangabad ). He made it capital. He not only build great architecture for city but also water system (neher system). Today also it is considered as a miracle. Since Khadki (Aurangabad) didn't had dam and because of hard rock couldn't construct columns for ity.
So he used subterranean water from mountainous elevated valleys in north. He manipulated that water to get constant supply of it to 7 lakh people.

He was actively fighting war even if he was 80 years old. I think he was instrumental for building maratha nationality.