Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Bang and Us

In my opinion Big Bang experiment in Genva is second most important man made experience (in terms of device) after landing man on moon. Recreating what might have happen at start of universe is such a overwhemling conceptually itself. Quest of human being to find answers of pasts or predict future needs great mind. I am happy there are societies/countries who pay lot of attention to these kind of experiments. To generate energy or accelarate particles, scientists have build circular tunnel of 27 km which ran across multiple nations! What this experience is about to get tinnest particles present in universe. Commonly people know about atom or we get little more details up to electrons, neutrons, photons. These elementry particles also can be divided upto quarks. Current physics stops here what Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is trying to do is divide quark as well. It might prove curently hypothetical element Higgs boson or God's particle. Scientists are considering this is smallest particle exist in Universe!

On backdrop of human nature to find unknown intriguing, at the same time news about human sacrifice in my state Maharashtra for baby doesn't make sense. At one place man is trying to become God to answer our existence while blind faith is causing human to kill harmless innocent kids. We need to somehow channelize faith of later society to better their lives.

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