Friday, April 23, 2010

IPL , Pollard and Contracts

Last couple of years IPL has created buzz which is unparallel to any events in India. Media, people, politicians, businessmen all are obsessed by phenomenon. Mind blogging amounts of prize money, players contract, revenue projections, cost of franchieses etc. caused me forget any poverty do exist in India. At least from electronic, print media report I don't think anybody is thinking about povery, unemployment, water/electricity shortage. Like US, we are also moving towards virtual world, where people are kept happy with bit of reality and lot of more entertainment. Constant Propaganda of non trival issues always bury important one. I think politicians are successeding in it.

Leaving apart about current IPL fight between top guys, let us see zero down to player's contract since exorbitant numbers which Modi discussed are at company level and lets compare something which we can compare at personal level.

Pollard, 22 year west indian got $750000/-!! If we calculate per match fee it's coming around appx. $54000/- If we consider average he bats for 5 overs and fields for 15 overs, so for each over he is getting around $2700. So whenever he fields, bats/balls he earns $450 or Rs 18000/- !!! No wonder he considered sueing West Indies board for not leaving him early from WI-ZIM match. As far as I am concern, I wildest  dreampt of max $200 / hr contract when I was in USA. Even just thinking about $200/hr considering h1, green card gave me goose bumps.

I wonder if I just salute his talent or luck.

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