Saturday, July 3, 2010


How many times we get up and feel like life should have CTL+ALT+DEL, so
that we can delete all mess caused in our past life. Day after day, month
after month, year after year we carry baggage of wrong decisions we made,
associations we choose. Fact of life is thre is no hard reset button to it. But
we can try some of soft resets ..
1. Finish the transactions as early as possible be it business or emotional
2. Carry forward good memories from past, remove evidence which causes you trouble
like bad events etc.
3. Find like minded people. This is tough since with age people also changes, so do us.
So once upon good friend may not be good today.
4. Bank on positive thoughts and deed.
5. NEXT GENERATION : Here is our altimate solution to our CTL+ALT+DEL, if we can keep AWAY OUR
PERCEPTION of world/life from them, we can see result of CTL+ALT+DEL with our next generation.

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