Sunday, July 18, 2010

Respecting History

HISTORY.. how often we love our history or sometime hates it because some of incident are not good. Anybody loves royal, wealthy, gallant  lineage but it is matter of chance which family we born. This is just our genetic history. Even if we are not born in particular great family there are so many historical and existing people who are masters in their own field and we can always learn something from them. One of the towering example is Gandhiji and values he followed..self sufficient,  persistence, mind controlled , non violence.

Apart from people  there are so many systems which we get for FREE because of history.

Town we live in. Town we live is not overnight built, there has to have some kind of activities so that people get attracted to place. I was always amazed by growth of Mumbai, New York, Chicago. How many people in past must have contributed to reach such metropolis? Planning such a large population on restricted area is difficult.
Same is true with food, cloth we use. How many trial and error humans might have gone through to come with each culture's eating habits. They might have died tasting some poisonous fruit!

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