Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sometimes we don't really appreciate which see ordinary and obvious. In fact we get irritated to see ordinary, common things around us. It is true with Maharashtra State Transport. I never enjoyed it or at least till date. When I was child long journey to my ancestral place by ST would take 12 HOURS .. I would never able to eat anything because of smell in ST and always worried about throwing up.. Later during college days going from Pune to hometown was big hassle because crowded buses and stops it will take.. and suddenly one day ST was vanished from my life because of job outside state. Even after returning back to state because of car couldn't get chance to go by bus. Now a days driving car has become taxing to my knees and started to look for alternative.

So I started going by ST again.. and I noticed few things which I never able to noticed in college days.

1. People: We get chance to see locals very closely. Most of the time they will be following their local culture .. dress, language. Just listening to so many dialects of Marathi is melodious to ear. Some old traditional dress will remind you not existing old family members.

2. Demographics variation is very even in ST we almost forget our own age watching it.

3. When you go to very remote areas, ST bus will stay overnight.. if you don't have any safe place for accommodation (especially for trekking ) ST is safest place to sleep overnight.

4 .and finally Network of ST is amazing.. it almost goes to very remote parts of Maharashtra.. according to Wikipedia 16,000 buses,17,000 routes and 70 lakh passengers daily. I feel ST needs it due recognition for such a massive operation along side with Mumbai Local

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