Sunday, July 4, 2010

(Not) Best Of Both World

One of my best friend is planning to come back from USA after staying there for 12 years. With american citizenship,JOB all his friends asking him to stay back!!But right now he looks firm to come back for a while, rest of us are very sure you will go back with in few months.

He might have his own personal reasons to come back but what intrigue me more is global phenomenon, people are just not happy where they stay.. Western civilization has few things to give while indian has it's own. It might be little less compare to US but we really not able to compare much if someone has rest of family here. In this case no matter how you manage to stay any place, something from other place always keep you calling and as usual not having that very moment cause immense dissatisfaction.

I think our generation who stayed both places for more than 2 years never able to satisfied since they are never able to get best out of both world.. and ultimately end up getting worse out of both world.

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Anonymous said...

I feel whatever you get in your own country, you should be satisfied with that.. earlier people used to come for money and more exposure but now the seen is totally different, we can earn more money in our country too and even we get good exposure too..

As you said always there are some pros and cons but if you ask me I feel that this your friend has taken right decision to go back to India. Jay Hind!!