Friday, July 16, 2010


How much motivation takes part in our daily lives? We generally don't notice it because of everyday work involving our struggle. Mo matter how intellectual, talented you are, without motivation, energy and little bit of vision you won't lead a life which you dream of.

We trend make our day based on routine and past experience. Failure in past damages our confidences to bottom. This is where motivation -- self or induced (like religious following, mentor )  plays big role. How we tackle moment of depression is most important decision of life. If we remain remorseful, eventually we will lead to abyss of depression while remaining cheerful and motivated at least can reduce ill effect of depression as well as give us second chance to do something.

Generally we are very realistic person and try to see things or events in very practical purpose but we notice few optimistic things  in world and even pessimistic can feel optimistic. Be it story of handicapped achieving success at work, sport etc or some poor student achieving   great success at academic circle.

Recently I came across similar type of story of motivation. One of my cousin who studied in remote ancestral village is flying to USA for job! I know now a days going to work abroad is not a big deal with information technology, but which path someone follows is key. Someone has personal link, business contacts  etc. but with my cousin everything was self made .. lost her father while she was studying, so not much family support. Manage her own marriage etc, lost abroad opportunity because of .com burst, but she never stopped, she kept on working and motivating her self and now she is in USA.

Her path could have been anything but this one if she had lost her motivation at any struggling period of her life and could have ended up in my own ancestral village worrying about shortage of water!!

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