Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Darling Harbor
 It was almost one year I moved to Australia and no special trip since no car and daily routine to work and home. It was same case with Namrata and so one big trip was deserving.
Namrata wanted to celebrate Adwait's birthday at Sydney Opera House. I felt it was absurd but she planned meticulously trip such a that we will be at Opera House on his birthday.
We reached Sydney in the evening and from Sydney reached our hotel - IBIS. After freshening and others went to bed, myself and Sachin went for a walk and we roamed around and ended up to Darling Harbour! I wish all our Adwait and Namrata were there. But I got some very good stunning pictures.

Next day we went to visit Bondy beach, Opera House. We didn't go inside but spent time circling around and later we celebrated Adwait's birthday! That was one of great evening of my life.

Opera House

Blue Mountain

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