Monday, September 15, 2014

London Muesuems

In August 2013, another opportunity came for Reading and I grabbed it with both hands since premature exit from previous trip and at least for seeing few london sites. Most important to me was
Tate Modern Museum. Since it host some of most expensive painting by Pablo Picasso  and museum was completely free.
Finding museum was not difficult but going through each gallery was tiring. I was interested in Pablo Picasso and finally found his section.
In his section, I liked  Nude, Green leaves and Bust but didn't like Nude Woman with Necklace. I also liked weeping woman.

Few of great art work was from
Christian Schad -- Dada and the New Objectivity movement
Jo baer -- associated with minimalist art
Josepf albers.


At national gallary, I liked Sunflower by Van Gogh. 

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