Sunday, September 14, 2014


This small town was on my list from my last visit to Edinburgh. When I was searching for firth of forth bridge, I came across post which details engineering marvel of  Filkirk Wheel. It is a boat lift, I have seen locks to lift the boat to next level but boat lift to take next level was new to me. I never heard about it and seen any thing like it.So this trip I was determined to at least see it.
Also while visiting Highlands, I noticed 2 horse sculptures and amazed to see such fantastic architecture and luckily it was in the same town,
Most of my trip I will start early and then head to destination and will spend time. But today I decided to go late considering it is just half hour journey. I checked place and how to get there and bus and train was option. I thought let's try bus but I didn't get bus for at least hour so later decided to go by train.
Train trip to Filkirk high had 2 stops, Linlithgow,Polmont. After reaching Filkirk, it was very isolated station. I was aware of No 3 bus will take me to Filkirk wheel but asked train helper for confirmation.
She told me there are two options either walk canal for 2 km or go by bus.

Walk on union canal and just 2 km was not at issue for me. So I took decision to walk and it was right decision. Picturesque canal and beautiful landscape. Even I got some birds photography.

Wheel - Boat lift was small but elegant in structure. I was interested to see if there is any leakage of water but I couldn't notice single strain of water or oil. Boats were parked inside and at the same time if there is another boat above, it will also parked. So when wheel rotates, it will also switch position of boats. After spending time and having lunch decided to go to other monument - Kelpies.
Kelpies is largest works of art in Scotland by sculpture Andy Sott.

 As usual I checked distance to walk and it was 6 KM. After thinking for a while and it was just walking on the side of canal and no worry of being lost (I can get easily lost), I again decide to walk. This time walk was long it was through industrial area and many time it was less crowded but it was a good walk. After walking for hour and 1/2, and no sign of horses, I was started counting my steps because of tiredness but suddenly I saw horses.

Trek was worth after watching 30 m high horses. The Kelpies name reflected the mythological transforming beasts possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses; a quality that is analogous with the transformational change of scotland landscapes, endurance of inland waterways. 

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