Friday, May 4, 2018

नर्मदा नदी ही धार्मिक/सामाजिक महत्वाची असल्याने त्यावर भरपूर लिहले गेले आहे. पण मला आवडलेला टप्पा आहे राणी अहिल्याबाई होळकरांची राजधानी महेश्वर. प्रचंड मोठी नदी आणि मानवी संस्कृती याचा सुंदर मिलाप पाहण्यास मिळतो.
खालील फोटो : होळकर किल्ला, मंदिरे , नदी घाट

The benevolent Narmada River ((Narmada literally means “Harbinger of Joy”) is the most significant river in the Indian life as its worshiped throughout her more than thousand km length—from the point of her origin to her merger into the ocean. I admire the spectacular pilgrimage along the river , which is also the cultural and spiritual spectacle of enduring sociological significance. Many people have written lot about this long river but I adore the area near the Maheshwar. This “sinless river”, also attracted Devi Ahilya bai Holkar of Indore and moved her capital to this city. She built many architecturally splendid temples, fort on the banks of river.


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