Sunday, August 17, 2014


Once upon a time I dreamed about seeing vastness of ocean. When visit to Mumbai fulfilled my that dream, I wanted to travel seven seas which was almost like impossible considering my educational level and not many chances of going out of my small town. And suddenly one day got chance to cross couple of ocean and I was thrilled with my life. First thought came to mind once I crossed ocean was that now I can live and die one place for rest of my life. But life never ends are ambitions of seeing new places never vanished later got chance to see Atlantic, Arabic, pacific, Indian, Gulf of Thailand,

Great Australian Bright. Now not much craze to see all  ocean since ultimately they are part of one big ocean and shore line more or less similar to what I have seen.

Whenever you go to sea shore, ocean has it's own mood. Early in the morning, start of new beginning, freshness of start. As sun rises from Peaceful amber color to busy hot yellow color of surrounding is reflected. Evening darkness engulfing everything and ocean also get into somber mood. But this happens in normal peaceful day. But when storm or rainy days arrives things changes drastically, once placid and quite sea just turns into ravaging anything in it's way. Our generation who witnessed greatest tsunami on Dec 2004, shown us how destructive natural forces can be especially witch has connection with ocean. In one clean sweep more than 2.3 laths people vanished. Once forces resided ocean was back to it's normal self. But with it's vastness and our tininess, humans has managed to conquered this vastness. If we go back few centuries crossing big oceans like Atlantic, pacific almost seams impossible target. With human trump we got dark side of humans destruction-- disturbing vital ecosystem of ocean, causing death to many sea borne creatures. This "development" of humans finally completes it's full circle when destruction causes more harm to humans. Ocean has it's own way of rectifying things, to the matter it's part of nature. It never try to preserve or destruct, it just adopt. It doesn't mind extincting million year old species.

But inside that vastness there is something serene and powerful.Ocean always feels like sage. Holding cradle of life for millions of years which later on sprung -- mammals and eventually human beings. When we discuss about short history of human being at the same time you can't deny how well it has mastered this vast oceans! In front of sea we might look tiny and dwarf but making of various boats from ancient time to submarines feet of humans is also not very small.
In fact it's sea voyage that caused major discoveries of various places and setting of humans across all far reaching places.

I had impression that ocean is always have large depth, in my imagination it was 3 km! Later on realized that it is not 3 km all over but varies greatly and from 0-10 km. It has mountain ranges/valleys similar to surface. Some places depth is so much that whole mount Everest can be submerged.

In 2011, I got chance to circle the world starting from Melbourne to Mumbai then to London, Boston, Los Angeles and back to London.

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