Saturday, December 17, 2011

Remembering pappa

Dear Pappa
It's been five years we lost you. Circumstances and nature of departure was such a shocking that not a single day from that day passed without remembering you.
Although time and other survieval activities has taken it's course and we started get along with life. Funny thing about life is that no matter how you show how much careless you are makes preserve it more. More and more days passed we realized life is not granted but it's free but short period of time. You taught us
how to be happy in this free life but at the same time responsible to get that life. You never made burden of life but made sure we are capable of lifting it.

There are lot of changes in world from your departure, almost every corner of world is now connected. Can't believe I saw Devendra on skype where once upon time maharashtra times uses to come at late in the evening. Population, pollution, corruption increased many fold but level is same when you were here, so nothing much on that side.

At home front there are some activites happened.. Mamata got her baby, house and also finished her MBA. Same thing Namrata, she finished her M.Sc and working hard in field of yours. Sushma doing
great at USA. Vishwajeet and Devendra strated their carrier. Young lot started doing work almost feel like you are really old now. I am in Australia, getting some fresh air but missing "old"  Sangamner/Patan. Pune never felt as home, whenver there always felt like I am here for study. Back burner issue still exist with Namrata's marriage. But as you were optimistic we are  still hoping that day will come and she will get married. Same health issues are started coping in family... Patan kaka lost his teeth, Pune Kaka had some issue with one of his jaw. Namrata PP got glasses for reading, my right knee started showing sign of wearing.. I always wonder how you kept your health such nice and clean throughout life time. I will never forget you
were there with us for Rajgath along with kaka and told us that you will remember 64 year old climbing mountain when you are at 64 but I realized it much earlier at age of 40!

I had also have shot at failed business. I know you always consider business is not patil's cup of tea but thought of sharing it. I still feel like I can do it if get out of my lathargic attitude.
BTW we did finish few books of yours.. America East- West we did it ourselves while Sailor's of Life is published  by discovery publisher. It is very nice and cost almost 1100 Rs. Your books has given us great joy and almost felt like you were here while doing editing. Planning to write some more books once get time but now a days not much reading practice.

What else, Pune home is going through some coloring, thanks to Adwait's mama and aai. Both are very enthusiastic people.

Sharing some snaps for our scattered family!


Pratibha said...

Yes Prashant. Its very true that 5 years are gone but still we feel that Mama is with us and giving each and every kind of inspiration to all of us to go ahead. We all are missing him a lot but, at the same time remembering his words, his guidance. On health side, we all would not be as good as him, as Mama's planning and daily routine was very good. He was always cheerful and enthusiastic, even if there were so many burning issues in the back of his mind.

When I landed in USA, first thing came in my mind was, if Bapu Mama could have been there, how much he could have expressed the happiness to each and every person. He always guided us to improve and keep climbing the ladder. I can not express the feelings in words.

May God bless his soul in peace and may all of us be blessed with his abandon blessings.

prashantpatil said...

Thanks Sushama..
Yes our small family but each person is such unique and they had great way of life.. be it aji, bhau, abba. Aji was exceptional main driving person for papa. "Respect".. that is what mattered to most of them, never much cared about anything else and achieving small things and be happy whatever we have.
I am very sure aji/pappa would have definitely loved your all achievements. I still remember proudly papa showing your 10th exam letter and being happy since you achieved good marks despite being in Patan.
Well at least got all of us to ponder the past.

prashantpatil said...

BTW missed additions in family..
Mamta and Anurag Daji have Asmita,
Deveyani and Deepak Mhaskar family have Tejas.
Adwait's mama now has cute girl Aditi.
Sangram has Yash..

NamrataPPatil said...

Dear Papa, I miss you so much....even after 5 long years of your departure. It has been very hard path for all of us in the family after you..when you were there, we all were in shadow of great old banyan tree and after you, suddenly we were forced to be on hard path with burning sun on our head all the time...well, your blessings are always with us and we are moving forward remembering you every day in life and specially today to mention all this to you. I know you are there somewhere aware of all our emotions and feelings for you and sending your blessings in the form of cool breeze towards us.

Even though I was your daughter-in-law, I was just daughter for you and you always treated me the same way. You always had great expectations from me and I also tried to fulfill always from my side. You have always been more life friend to me and great supporter in the family. You always first to praise me for the things I did. I always got appreciated by you. The most remembered one was when I gave birth to Adwait and when you had him in your hands, your first comment was, "Namrata has given me very healthy grand son and she took very good care of him, I am so happy for her the way she showed the courage and stamina during the time when Adwait was about to born". thanks a lot Papa for always being there for me and I am so happy that I could give you Adwait when you were with us. It was very short span for me to be with you and I wanted to spent many more years taking care of you and get blessings and guidance from you. I know god is there and you are also there listening to my pray to make you come again with us very soon. This is going to happen one fine day and i am eagerly waiting for that day, again to take care of you and see you happy with all our family members...Yours affectionate daughter - Namrata.