Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have seen many amazing birds in my life, starting with fascinating bird-- Peacock. It took me many years to spot this national bird. But searching this bird in rural maharashtra was fun. Getting up early walking on edges of farms on early morning is great fun. After watching and photographing him, I thought that I have seen best of bird  what nature has to offer.
Slowly and steadily realized that it is not true, there are so many varieties and spectacular birds are present and I hardly had gone to these places. Somehow able to see some kingfisher and various sparrows in India. US didn't offer much other than various types of ducks. Later saw some fancy birds in zoo like flamingoes, pelicans, parrots with various colours. But all these birds were colourful but their voices resembles nothing but noise.
And one day I saw LYREBIRD.. It is beautiful but you can't compare with Peacock. Although male has beautiful tale but what I liked most about this bird is it's mimicking voice. It has such mimicking ability that it can mimic-- train, sound of hammer, car engine!

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