Saturday, March 5, 2011

Technology Explosion

Sometime back read article about finding stars which are 200 billion years old, which caused debate again about big bang theory versus study state universe. Boy, just can't imagine people are working backward and forward billion years thinking about what will be state of universe few hundred billion years ago or in future. When I think about this I want to scream, scream in such a way that my scream's radiation will last similar to cosmic background radiation.

Big bang theory followers (Stephen Hawking’s follower ) found this radiations which got emitted during big bang and will remain for life time of universe.

With all this theory, mathematical calculations, experiment with cosmic radiation, CERN (particle colliding experience to find ultimate universal unified theory) I feel very miserable about my life. Other than two times a day hot meal I never had big ambition from my own life. Once in a while watching cricket match on TV was another ambition. For most of excited matches I was able to fulfill that desire watching at some general store behind 100 people and going home resigned once India lost.

But life changed drastically once PC (Personal computer) start occupying life. First it was job since every engineering graduate from any background started coding because of God called Bill Gates.. So one fine day you end up coding for Americans.. in process you fulfill another unachievable thing air travel and seeing align world. You are just wondering how to cope up with new changes, you start worrying about changing technology  etc. And start working on it. What happen to simple ambition of just having nice day with hot meal?

NOW you are just doing catching with technology, by the time you finish reading one technology another emerges better and faster making previous absolute. What about time spend by me studying previous brain? Already life is too hard for body which DNA is wired for wandering about food for generations, surviving new technology world is very difficult. For me, technology explosion has caused bigger problem than theory of birth of universe. I just wonder how to survive in this technology explosion; if anybody has idea please let me know.

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