Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brian Adams and me

I heard advertisement that Brian Adams is coming to Pune and he will start his Asia tour from Pune. How rapidly world has changed... I still remember my school days when I took an oath "I will use my mother tongue for all types of communication and study". But by end of 10th standard I have to give up that oath since science was not available in Marathi. By the time I got job I got education in English but rest of the communication was only in Marathi (at least for me) and because of job accidentally landed in america and suddenly my poor Marathi soul felt that I am destined to be global and I have to get over my past marathi background and get into English background. Day to day work communication was okay since you talk mostly technical. So to enhance my English image  started hanging out with american/Canadian friends to star bucks, sport arena. Still some how felt something is strongly missing and later realized it is songs and musics.

The person who always worried about getting to next year in academic years in school days and later on somehow getting paid based on education. Music/art is out of scope, so my music/songs knowledge in any language including marathi was close to none and suddenly I felt urge to learn English music and songs and to show of to my friends how cool I am with music I took first cassette/CD of English songs. Since I had no idea about singers, type of music, I relied on  street side vendor and he gave me Brian Adam's cassette. I felt cheated while listening to it since I hardly understood what he is saying! Now he is in Pune, organizers might have confidence in number of people visiting his concert ... how much Pune changed! What about me? Now I listen all kinds of music but also started liking indian classical music as well. Because of Brian Adams I finally landed locally.

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